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Trouble finding your makeup shade?

Inaygia has your solution! Sign up below for a session at our Virtual Makeup Counter!

Book 15 or 30 Minutes

Depending on if you're looking for real-time advice on our ready-to-wear shades, tips on which colours to blend together, want a full out custom shade, or anything else, we are here to help.


Already have your samples?

But need some direction on how to make your own shade? Book a 15 min virtual makeup counter session below.

Custom shades start at $50

Sample custom shades can be made during the virtual makeup counter session, as long as both parties have adequate natural light.




Your Host

Inaygia's founder (Sasha Alexander) will be hosting all the virtual makeup counter sessions.


Use Daylight

Gone are the days of horrid lighting at department and drug store makeup counters. Try to have natural daylight around you during your session.


Leave Feedback

We love feedback on how we can serve you better. Remember to fill out our virtual makeup counter survey after your session.